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About Unimed

Unimed Electrodes provides a wide range of consumables and accessories for Neurophysiology at highly competitive prices. Our reusable silver/silver chloride and gold plated EEG disc electrodes come with a selection of cable lengths, plus various types of disposable EEG cup electrode. We also stock Ten20 and Elefix conductive paste to attach electrodes, plus NuPrep and SkinPure for skin preparation.


For long-term recording, such as Video-telemetry or Ambulatory EEG, we recommend using collodion adhesive which can be used with disposable and reusable cup electrodes and when finished, acetone free remover is perfect for cleaning and removal.


Attaching electrodes to some patients can be quite difficult so we have a range of ElectroCaps with pre-installed electrodes, along with Multi-Cap which in one version is used to hold standard EEG cup electrodes in place or can be supplied with dedicated electrodes installed..

For EMG we have a selection of reusable and disposable surface electrodes, including Disposable Concentric Needle (DCN) electrodes available in various lengths.  For visual studies, our electrodes for electroretinography (ERG), include DTL thread, gold foil and contact lens electrodes. DTL thread is available as pre-packed single-use electrodes or as a continuous thread with a connector that allows users to make their own electrodes.

For intra-operative monitoring (IOM) and spinal monitoring, we stock corkscrew and subdermal needle electrodes along with a range of single use probes including Mono-Polar, Bi-Polar and concentric types.

The majority of our product range is held in stock for rapid delivery to UK and International customers.


If you have a special requirement that is not in our catalogue, please contact us as we may be able to assist viaour extensive range of UK and international suppliers.

Contact us for our latest catalogue and price list, or download it here.

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