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Sterile ERG Thread Electrode - single use. 15cm cable, TP connector

Price (GBP): £110.00
Product Description:
The Sterile ERG Thread  Electrode is used for the detection of corneal and scleral potentials in Electro-retinography (ERG). The electrode consists of 7.0cm of silver-impregnated nylon-thread affixed to two self-adhesive pads which attach to the inner and outer canthus. A short (15cm) cable with touchproof connector can be taped to the patient face, with connection to the recording instrument made via an extension cable - click here to view a recommended cable, or here to view all of our cables.

Part Number: DT0001
Pack Size: 10
Length: 15cm
Connector: Touchproof (TP) DIN42802

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