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MULTI-Cap 'Cup' - For Use With Standard EEG Disc Electrodes

Price (GBP): £102.90 - £113.19
Product Description:
MULTI-Cap 'Cup'provides the perfect solution for attaching and positioning reusable or disposable EEG disc electrodes on the head. Simply insert standard EEG disc electrodes into the holders and the cap will secure the electrodes in the correct location for recording. 

The Base MultiCap is supplied as standard with 21 sintered Ag/AgCI electrode positions for adults, young people and children and with 15 electrodes (Fpl, Fp2, F3, F4, GND, C2, 01, 02, P3, P4, C3, C4, Fz, Pz und CPZ) for infant use. The electrode positions are arranged according to the international 10/20 system.

A special feature of MULTI-Cap is that it provides unobstructed access to the electrode-positions through gaps in the textile material, allowing application of prepping paste or management of the electrodes during recording. The caps are supplied with electrode holders in the standard 10/20 positions but these can be changed by the user or additional holders can be added for a higher density of electrode placements.

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